Tuesday, September 4, 2007

peace in nature, peace at school

First day of school... it was better than I expected. Really, it was quite peaceful.
I always thought a tight schedule wasn't peaceful, but maybe it was the key to peace.
My day went like this:
6-7 morning walk
7-7:30 Yoga with kids (we had to wake them)
7:30-8 Get dressed and eat breakfast
8-8:30 Marshall has Desk Work, Stewart and I got Nigel dressed and laundry started while remaining available for Marshall's questions. Marshall thrived in this. It's like he needed something of his own to work on by himself.
8:30-9 We clean Bumper's cage and Marshall does the trash pickup
9:15 We leave for our Nature Walk (to be done every Monday morning). This week we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Nature Park. We explored, played, did pencil drawings and just hung out together.
11:30 Go home
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Stewart and Nigel go down for their naps after reading
1:40 Marshall and I go to visit Mueller's Car shop where Curt Mueller shows us all the vintage cars that he's working on. It was super! I admit, I'm getting into cars now.
2:15 Hair cut at Alchemy, Marshall accompanies me and "reads" quietly! ??? !!!
3:00 Marshall and I go to the central library to look for Car books
4:00 Home to feed baby and make dinner
6:00 Go to Nana Karyl's and Pa Gary's for Nana's birthday dinner
8:00 Get kids to bed
8:30-11:30 Dishes, Laundry, Work and Write

A day that was pretty peaceful. It makes me wonder, "how come I've been fighting schedules for so long?".
It actually went well. Was it the good start? the planning ahead? time in nature? I don't quite know. I'll give it time before I decide for sure what I think.

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