Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh, to be a child!

Welcome to our mini-tent city!
The expressions an their faces are wild and unabashed.
Regan with her spoon and hip-flip,
Josie in a painted-faced pose,
Marshall quirkily curling his tongue,
Harper so serios about his expression,
Stewart copying older brother to his own beat,
Madison, so mischevious her look,
Braden proud, holding his smoking pipe, and
Nia, happy to be a sheltered patriot.
Thanks to you, friends, for producing this. Thanks to you, friends, for being our community... quirks and all! Who knew that hosting an oatmeal and grits dinner could be so fun?
"The more, the merrier."

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s.Jane said...

This made my day! Thanks for posting it! :)