Thursday, September 20, 2007

most days

When I write things, I am contemplative. While writing, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for and happy about, so that's what comes out.
In my real world, I do not walk around giving thanks and being happy all the time. My days are stressful and overfull. I'll be nursing the baby while cleaning up poop, or reading a story to one and disciplining the other, making dinner and begging for the whinning to end. My eyes, ears and hands feel like they are all going different directions to attend to different needs.
I'm glad that I have these three little ones in my life. I love them! I love my life.
AND most days feel shitty.

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rvree said...

I finally remembered how to log on to this. As I've probably mentioned while walking, I think that the best part about writing is what it does for me - helping me sort things out and process and reflect. I'm glad that it does the same for you, my friend. The connection to other people is just added benefit. Good luck with dinner preparations for Sunday. We'll see you as soon as we make it back from Michigan.