Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Marshall, what did you do today?"

"Marshall, what did you do today?" ... "I can't remember."
Three days of school "on the go" and each day we have had similar responses. But because we're with him, we know what he's doing, how he's acting, and how much he is actually absorbing (or not).
He blogged tonight after a day of counting with keys, a hour long razor/stroller ride downtown and back to see the NFL Kickoff party set-up, hanging with Katherine (our school assistant who is a senior in H.S. and ultra capable), a field trip with me to the library for one-on-one reading time followed by a trip to the "pimp-my-ride" style car body shop on East street that had way too many awesome cars to look at, and then a field trip with Mike to the Indiana State Museum to watch an IMAX and see an exhibit about the moon for his science "lesson". Do you know that none of these fun things were mentioned in his blog? None.
So if he can't remember, I will.
I had a blast today exploring our world together.

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