Wednesday, September 19, 2007

nice shots

Loving these shots.
The sandwiched photograph was taken by my friend, Rachel, at Sunday Night's dinner. I am so glad that we can pretend to "capture the moment", savoring things that our minds quickly bury... and to have so many beautiful memories.
What's this? A picture with words.
Go on softly... [thanks brother for all mothers]

Cloudy Forecast
MSS © 2007 ARR

wherever she goes, she brings it
she is acclaimed as a hero
for a while
until everything is soaked through
permeated with what they wanted
they don’t want her anymore

when she shows up, they light up
she is adored and given a key
with a smile
until people want their colors back
wishing for clear blue skies
they send her on her way

and in the places in between
where she’s wanted desperately
and no longer tolerated
she cries
as predictably as her rain
she desires a drought of her soul

whatever the expectations are, she’s it
she’s the savior of so much
mile after mile
except she can’t save herself
but of course she keeps trying
going, selfishly, where she’s needed most

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